How Quickly Can You Finish My Repair?
We will work our best to complete your project in the timeliest manner
possible, but project duration can vary based insurance claim readiness,
wait times on financing, materials shortages, code requirements, etc.
All project start times are dependent on how quickly the materials are
delivered. In most cases projects start between 3 and 5 weeks after
the initial inspection, although we cannot guarantee specific end dates
for job completion. This 3-5 week lead time does not include emergency
water mitigation or other emergency services you may have needed. Those
services happen immediately upon calling ERS.
Are All Repairs Covered By My Insurance Company?
No, all repairs are not covered by insurance. Due to the variations in policies across insurance companies, we recommend you reach out to your agent to verify the coverages of your specific policy.
Do You Have Payment Plan Options?
For all self-pay customers, we require half of the project costs up front after the initial estimate so that we can get the project started. The remaining balance is due upon job completion.
What Can I Expect?
We will first do an initial inspection to inform the estimate. After the estimate is approved, we will assign a project manager who will then assist you in selecting the materials of your choice and provide guidance in best practices based on industry standards. Once the materials arrive, we can start the project. The project manager will be your main point of contact for the entire project and will ensure the repairs are done correctly.
Do You Have Payment Options?

For all projects, covered by insurance or not, you will be issued a draw schedule post-mitigation or prior to structural repairs. If mitigation is called for, it cannot be typically estimated prior to work being completed as things such as dry time can vary greatly from structure to structure. Dry time may be impacted significantly by both internal and external humidity and other weather related factors. Once mitigation is complete and paid for in full, a draw schedule for the repairs of the property will be issued. There will be a deposit requested and subsequent payments assigned based on stages of completion. Small repair projects may only have a deposit and the full balance due at the end of repairs. Larger projects may have multiple draws throughout the course of the repairs.

Can My Insurance Force Me To Use Their Contractor?

No, as the policy holder, you are legally allowed to use any contractor for the work you choose so as long as that contractor is in business legally. Some insurance carriers may imply or attempt to force you to use their preferred vendor. In most all cases, with some exceptions, this is done because the carrier knows this vendor will undercut their price to satisfy the carrier. If you fear a low rate may diminish the quality of work, you would almost always be correct.

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