Tips & Best Practices for Commercial Customers


When restoration needs arise, immediate action must be taken to ensure the safety of residents in both multi-family and assisted living facilities, especially because long standing water, mold, and smoke damage can be harmful to the health of the residents.  We ensure that anything which poses a health risk is handled with the utmost care and expediency. 


As we have seen in the recent wake of the 2017 hurricane season, hospitality establishments also take a large hit when disaster strikes.  Natural and man-made disasters, whether they be fires, storms, vandalism, mold, flood, smoke damage, or even a clogged HVAC system can decrease an organization's profitability.  In the case of a disaster, response time is key in ensuring downtime is minimal and recovery is expedient.  A thorough disaster response plan will provide the best chance for a business to quickly return to normal operation.   


Natural and accidental disasters can be devastating to retail establishments, and even in minimal cases can significantly impact normal business operations such as loss of revenue and unforeseen shutdown.  All retail establishments should have a plan in place in the case of these events to ensure disaster restoration is carried out promptly to decrease business downtime and expedite normal operations.   


Large projects such as those projected to bring significant long-term value to a business can be tedious and lengthy, so it is important to prepare in advance as much as possible to help ensure the process is as smooth as it can be.  You can rest easy with ERS as your dedicated project manager to handle any challenges that may arise for you.

Did You Know...

Coordinating your repairs with the same company reduces the start time for your job?  When your mitigation, contents cleaning, and structural repairs are all handled by one company, job coordination moves quicker.  Additionally, any warranty concerns are much easier to navigate, making it a more seamless, less challenging experience.