Some big storms have been blowing into middle Tennessee this month, with many threatening tornadoes and flooding. Being close to tornado alley, weather like this is not uncommon for this time of year, but those with properties in the affected areas should take caution. According to cnbc, “natural disasters hit 1 in 10 American homes in 2021.” After ensuring you and your family are safe after a big storm, you should check around your property for storm or water damage. Here are a few items to check if you have experienced a bad storm lately:

Check for water stains or leaks

After or even during a storm, you should evaluate every room in your home for water stains and leaks. This will be your first indication of storm damage to your roof and ceiling. Also, consider checking your covered patio or veranda for leaks and holes. If you do not notice any water stains or leaking in your interior rooms or covered patio, checking your roof and attic for damage is still a good idea. 

Assess your roof and attic

Your roof will likely take much of the damage in a big storm. First, you should look for damaged and missing shingles from tree branches or hail. Next, assess the function of your gutters—they may be dislocated in areas or clogged with leaves from the storm. Finally, after you have checked outside for storm damage, you should assess your attic for any leaks or damage.

Look closely at windows and doors

If you encounter high winds and heavy rain, it may benefit you to gauge any damage to your doors and windows. Unfortunately, high winds can break tree limbs and blow them toward your windows and doors if the conditions are right. Check for any broken glass or matter blocking your doors and windows. You may also assess for standing water in window sills or leaks around your door frames. 

If you experience storm damage to your home or business, ERS is here to help. We are available 24-7 to provide storm and water damage support. Call 615-898-8258 to contact our team today.

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