A house fire is a devastating event for you and your loved ones, but an estimated 95% of all house fires are avoidable. Here are some ways that you can prevent house fires.

 Test your smoke alarms regularly

Your smoke alarms are the first line of defense in your home. If you use a battery operated smoke alarm, it is important to check it every six months to ensure that it is still working.

Clean your stove and oven

Particles of food can accumulate at the bottom of the burner. If you forget to clean up that buildup, it could create a fire. You should always make sure to wipe down your stove and oven after use. Modern ovens will clean themselves, and you should do this every few months.

Check your dryer often

Dryers are the cause of around 2,900 home fires in the United States each year. You should consider having your dryer inspected annually to ensure that it is kept in the best condition. You should also always clean your lint trap before starting a load of laundry.

Invest in a fire extinguisher

Every home should invest in a fire extinguisher. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also allow you to act quickly in the case of a fire. You should also check to make sure your units are not expired. They usually last about 5-15 years. To inspect your pressure gauge, make sure that the needle falls in the fire extinguisher’s green area.

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