Summer is a great time to get started on renovations to your home or business. ERS 24-7 provides renovation for businesses and homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area. 

In the summer, the ground is warmer, so it is easier to dig a foundation if adding an addition, school is out, making traffic less congested, and we can work longer hours on a daily basis. ERS 24-7 is your premier resource for home and business remodeling and renovation—whether you need to build out an addition or update your home’s exterior, update your interior, or require hardscaping and landscaping, ERS 24-7 can help. 

Interior Renovation and Updates

If you live in or recently purchased an older home, you may have areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, or living areas that you would like to remodel. The era in which your home was built may not cater to your current style, taste, or functionality. That is why ERS 24-7 provides renovation services to replace floors, drywall, cabinets, countertops, plumbing, electrical, and more. Start your summer off right with the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of! If your office needs a visual or functionality update, we help with the planning, demo, construction, and updating. 

Additions and Exterior Updates

You may love your home’s location, nearby schools, and the main living areas but have outgrown the space it provides. ERS 24-7 can help facilitate an addition to your home if you require more space. Some common additions include extra bedrooms, expanding the kitchen, or creating new living areas. We also provide renovation for the home’s exterior to replace inefficient windows and outdated siding and update or install new driveways and septic. Adding to any structure often requires acquiring permits (city, county, and state) and engaging architects, designers, and decorators. We help you through the entire process, keep you legal and ensure your expectations are met and hopefully exceeded. 

Hardscaping and Landscaping

In the peak of spring and summer, many dream of creating their dream outdoor oasis. When you employ ERS 24-7 to manage your renovation project, we have the ability to contract with hardscaping and landscaping professionals to create the outdoor space of your dreams. From designing and building decks and patios to constructing retaining walls or arbors, you can trust ERS to deliver quality results. 


If you require renovation for your home or business, contact ERS 24-7 at 615-898-8258 for more information.