When your home suffers fire or smoke damage, it can be one of the hardest times. Unfortunately, fires can damage your home in several ways.

Fire Damage

The damage to your house, caused by a fire, may be caused from either flame damage or heat damage. Even if the flames do not touch your valuables, there may still be damage due to heat. 

Smoke Damage

Even after the fire, smoke can continue to damage your home. Small particles could continue floating around your home and be dangerous to your valuables and your health. There may still be carbon monoxide, ammonia, or sulfur dioxide in your home. It is important that you do not try to clean smoke damage without a professional. 

Water Damage 

You may not consider the damage caused by water when thinking of a fire, but water used to stop the fire, may be absorbed into the wood of your home and valuables. 

Mold Damage 

Mold damage can be caused by the water that was remaining in your house. Mold spores can travel through the air of your house, creating more damage to your valuables and your health. 

It is important to act immediately when you have experienced damage caused by a fire. If you have fire damage, we are available 24-7 to help restore and prevent damage. You should call a professional to prevent further damage to your home. Call us at, (615) 898-8258.